U.S. Courier: Medical / Real Estate / Legal Services
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Hospitals rely on U.S. Courier

Bay area hospitals depend upon U.S. Courier to do their "STAT" work to and from their laboratories on time every day.


U.S. Courier, Inc. has been providing reliable courier services for 25 years. Customers in such fields as Medical, Real Estate, and Legal Services rely upon us every day to move correspondence and lab specimens between their Tampa Bay locations.

U.S. Courier works closely with the Joint Commission on Laboratory Accreditation. Our couriers are trained in the handling and movement of potential hazardous biological specimens.


We transport all medical commodities from live specimens to medical instruments and pharmaceuticals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

While our basic messenger and delivery service area is central Florida, we also serve the medical and legal communities from Jacksonville to Miami.

Ready to Serve You

We hope you will choose U.S. Courier for your messenger and delivery needs.

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Or email us at info@uscouriersystems.com.